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Adult Acne

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Acne is a common problem that is well known with teenagers.  Acne is not limited to teens or young adult.  There is a large number of adults who struggle with acne past their teen phase.  The young adults/teen population do make up a significant portion of the acne-suffering group, and older adults with acne are more common then most people know.

It is also becoming clearer and clearer that the different effects of this condition known as acne is still a frequent occurrence in adults, and are know to cause many negative effects.  According to recent studies, acne is effecting more and more adults.  The reason for this rise in affected adults are not always clear.

Acne is either going to be prevalent throughout someone's life or just suddenly occur sometime after age of 30.   Which ever happens the physical, psychological problems can be permanent and cause many significant affects. Skin doctors agree that adult acne is more problematic and likely to leave scars because of the patients older skin.  Widely known that older skin has a harder time repairing from scars due to the lack of collagen.  Acne leaves more problems than just scars.

Psychological scarring can be much harder to trace, and sometimes more difficult to deal with because of the misconceptions that accompany them.  For example, it has been believed that the psychological effects of adult acne are easier to deal with because adults are able to accept the condition better than teens.  In reality, the ramifications of these scars can be severe because acne has been perceived to be a condition specific to teens.  Though we know this isn't the case, many people are often afraid to admit they have adult acne and seek treatment.

Left my skin feeling much softer with a healthy glow, and existing spots began healing immediately. My skin is now completely clear of acne and has been for over a year and a half! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!"

Helen Bolton, 23



As knowledge is fluctuating, and more people are watchful words acne as a dilemma not only among teens, but also among adults, more people are going to doctors for utility.

Many adults are now seeking relief from prescribed medications as well as from over-the-counter products to treat the condition.  Sales of these products have increased, along with the awareness of adult acne.

Because adult acne is reported to be on the rise, doctors are now starting to consider the special causes and unique effects of this condition on older patients.  As public awareness continues to increase, people may be more likely to seek treatment.

The prosperous information is no easily come by about adult acne can also help people afflicted with this predicament to better grasp it and how to combat its effects.  More care is also being given to the subconscious effects of adult acne.  Because adults, like teens, are often afflicted by what those around them think and how they are understand, many often stray from participating in social events.  Understanding what is causing the adult acne is key to its medication.  If the physical problems are fixed, the social and psychological ones can be as well.

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