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The Benefits of Lomita Acne Treatments

Acne scars are difficult to remove. For people who have had long bouts with acne, there is constant concern about overall appearance. But with Lomita acne treatments, people who suffered from acne before now have a better chance of improving their skin.

Lomita acne treatments are fast becoming popular as more and more dermatologists adapted their use. Lomita acne treatments are specifically beneficial for those who are not agreeable to continuous intake of antibiotics to get relief from their acne. Lomita acne treatments also involve the use of a yellow light to get rid of the bacteria that causes acne. The treatment has also been proven to increase natural collagen growth, which prevents the formation of scars.


Lomita acne treatments are usually performed on people who have acute cystic acne and have long suffered from the problem. Cystic acne is a type of acne thatís rooted down below the surface of the skin. This condition is characterized by rapture and eruption of acne that leads to permanent scarring.

To permanently recover from this acute condition, affected people need to undergo Lomita acne treatments. The actual procedure for Lomita acne treatments requires the application of topical anesthetic followed by vaporizing damaged skin layers using a laser. When the process is done, new cells are formed, giving way to smoother and youthful skin.

One of the benefits that Lomita acne treatments offers is that it provides an easier way of controlling the depth of treatment, unlike most other treatments. This is a vital factor since there are some people who only need shallow treatment for surface scars. This flexibility is also important for other patients with deep-rooted scars who need deeper laser penetration.

Another advantage that Lomita acne treatments has is its ability to smoothen wrinkles at the same time that it gets rid of acne scars. This is because the laser stimulates and enhances the production collagen in the face, thereby giving it a clearer and younger appearance.

The recovery period for patients who undergo Lomita acne treatments is dependent on the amount of treatment they get. Some side effects of the Lomita acne treatments include swelling as well as slight redness. After laser treatment, topical treatments are usually prescribed for application on the treated skin to assist it in its recovery process.

Lomita acne treatments usually cost in the region of $500 for 15-20 minutes of laser acne treatment sessions. Though this may seem pricey, it is eventually cheaper in the long run since this type of treatment lasts longer than others do and provides a higher success rate and faster cure.

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