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Different Types of Oily Skin Acne Treatments

Acne is triggered by a lot of reasons. One of these factors is oily skin. It is natural for the skinís sebum glands to release oils but overproduction leads to acne growth. With oily skin being prone to catching dust in the pores, the problem is doubled. This condition would need oily skin acne treatments.

People with oily skin should keep away from the use of skin toners since these are not suitable for them. Some of these toners are manufactured with chemical formulations that may react harshly with organic compounds such as oils. Many skin professionals recommend oily skin acne treatments that free clogged skin pores and neutralize the content of oil in the skin. Oily skin acne treatments with natural ingredients are more appropriate to clean facial oil and clear clogged pores effectively without causing side effects. Effective oily skin acne treatments should be able to clean dust, grime and excess oil away and should be one that makes the skin soft, smooth and naturally glowing.

Recently, a French scientific study discovered a breakthrough for oily skin acne treatments. An algae extract named phlorogine has been proven to provide a total solution to the most direct reasons of oily skin problem. Tests were done on individuals with acne and oily skin and showed the effectiveness of phlorogine as oily skin acne treatments.

Oily skin acne remedies with phlorogine as their main ingredient have proven that the algae extract, when combined with exfoliating fruit acids, anti-inflammatory & anti-lipasic agents are exceptionally beneficial in controlling all the symptoms of acne. When phlorogine is used in oily skin acne treatments, symptoms such as oiliness, inflammation and further eruptions are controlled. When combined with fruit acids and jojoba, phlorogine in oily skin acne treatments promotes smoothening of healed lesions. The combination is also effective in enhancing the appearance of your skin to give it a clearer and softer look. Oily skin acne treatments with phlorogine are also effective in managing adult acne by regulating oiliness, stopping inflammation and cleansing and moisturizing your skin.

Oily skin acne treatments that contain natural ingredients like alpha hydroxy are also beneficial. Alpha hydroxy acids like lactic acid, mandelic acid and glycolic acid are often efficient as oily skin acne treatments. These products dry up whiteheads, blackheads, and pimples and cause the topmost layer of your skin to peel. These acids also help loosen dead cells to promote natural skin. Alpha hydroxy acids also control sebaceous gland secretions and normalize oiliness of the skin. Alpha hydroxy acids from natural sources like sugar cane, lemon and apple likewise help improve skin hydration and luminosity.


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