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Trentinoin Medicine

Tretinoin: (Retin-A): Tretinoin works on acne by normalizing the exfoliation of the follicular epithelium, drains and promotes healing of existing blemishes, and prevents new ones from forming. Tretinoin also removes microorganisms that stimulate inflammation."...Tretinoin may enhance penetration of other drugs, such as topical antibiotics and antimicrobials (Benzoyl Peroxide), by facilitating the unplugged follicle to become less anaerobic and more accessible. This inhibits the growth of P. acnes and minimizes the rupturing of comedones into surrounding tissue. As a results, Tretinoin is a first line agent for both inflammatory and non-inflammatory acne." - Cosmetic Dermatology April 1999 Side effects associated with Tretinoin are peeling, redness, irritation, dryness, and increased sun sensitivity. Topical Tretinoin, applied at acne sites in small amounts does not alter plasma Vitamin A levels, suggesting that it is a safe drug for use during pregnancy.


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Tretinoin formulas - Tretinoin is available in a variety of formulations such as cream, gel, and liquid. The selection of the formulation is dependant upon skin type, skin condition, as well as environment. More will be said later on on choosing the right type for you. New developments in the Tretinoin industry include the introduction of generic formulations as well as a new microsphere formulation. The new micorsphere formulation was developed to help reduce irritation associated with traditional Tretinoin. The formulation keep the Tretinoin entrapped in a microsponge. Rather than releasing the Tretinoin into the skin upon application, the microsponges first attach to the hair follicle, then release the drug. Improvements are seen in as little as two weeks. Including the benefit of decreased irritation, the micosphere formulation was shown to reduce twice the number of inflammatory and non-inflammatory lesions as the regular formulation. The first generic version of Retin-A®, known as Avita™, was approved by the FDA in 1997. Both formulations contain the same active ingredient, but the delivery system varies. While a study was made that found the efficacy of the two were comparable, there are some concerns with generic substitutes. The main concern is when a patient is started on the original product, then decides to switch. Differences in innovator products and generic products may lead to allergic reactions (this is a concern in all products and not just Tretinoin). Switching to a generic product can result in an unsatisfactory result or treatment failure.

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