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Acne Alternative treatments

One controversial book, proposes an alternative treatment for adult acne, including a strict diet (dairy is totally avoided in all but two recipes) and topicals containing alpha lipoic acid. But this book's claims did not seem to be backed up by strong scientific evidence until the publication of the acne / milk link in early 2005. There are no double-blind studies proving the effectiveness of fatty acids against acne.

Popping a pimple or any physical acne treatment should not be attempted by anyone but a qualified dermatologist. Pimple popping irritates skin, can spread the infection deeper into the skin and can cause permanent scarring.

Home remedies: Some people claim that several things in an average kitchen like nutmeg, honey, cinnamon, garlic, orange peel, sandalwood, etc can cure acne. None of these methods have been scientifically proven.


Left my skin feeling much softer with a healthy glow, and existing spots began healing immediately. My skin is now completely clear of acne and has been for over a year and a half! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!"

Helen Bolton, 23


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