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Acne Perceptions

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A common problem among teens is acne. It can sometimes but not always disappear by adulthood. Many problems occur with adult acne. There are also ways to go about treating the acne.

Acne has many causes. Understanding the various causes is extremely important in fighting acne. It is also extremely important in understanding what helps fight acne. Correct information is vital in keeping skin clear.

There are many misconceptions that hopefully I will be able to wipe out with this text.

A tan person is said to have less acne then someone with low sun exposure. This is not true. Skin cancers can occur from the sun. The sun has nothing to do with acne.

Eating greasy, fried foods are also thought to cause acne. Many studies have been done by independent scientific universities and they have all shown no correlation.

Washing of the face is said to keep acne clear. Washing of the face does remove excess dirt, and dead skin, however is the face is washed in excess then certain needed oils are removed, causing irritation of the skin. This has a part in acne but not a major as most believe.

I do not recommend popping pimples by any means. Pimple popping can lead to scarring as well as infections. Popping a pimple might lead to the area looking better for a short period of time, however the healing process is lengthened.

Another myth has to do with what is placed on the skin. Products like lotions, moisturizers, and make up. If someone has acne it is perfectly alright for them to use these products. There are some products on the market right now that contain benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid in them which the fact that acne is caused by products leads to the removal of acne.

A dermatologist is the only true expert on acne and any questions that one might be unsure of should be brought up with the doctor.

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