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How to get rid of acne: Acne Prevention

Acne prevention is a bit of a misnomer if it implies there's a cure. There isn't. Acne prevention actually means preventing outbreaks, and there's plenty you can do to avoid the recurring pimple. Outbreak prevention covers a wide range: from the day-to-day preventive measures you can take to the acne products and remedies on the market.

Follow a gentle approach. Wash gently, and dab your skin clean. You're trying to remove excess oil produced by your skin pores; scrubbing hard will actually force the oil and dead skin cells back into the pores. You can use the assorted acne products that clean the skin, but avoid those products that claim to dry out your skin. Your skin needs moisture and, without it, your pores just produce even more oil.



Left my skin feeling much softer with a healthy glow, and existing spots began healing immediately. My skin is now completely clear of acne and has been for over a year and a half! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!"

Helen Bolton, 23


Avoid hand to face contact

It's so tempting to roll up your sleeves and take the battle to the pimple, squeezing it into submission. Trouble is, picking and squeezing zits often leads to more problems: you spread the infection over the surrounding area when the zit bursts, and you can even wind up with scarring.

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